Rancho Park Municipal Golf Course

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Course Details

Total Holes: 18
Par: 71
10460 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone: (310) 838-7373

Email: ranchopark.golfcourse@lacity.org

Course Description

Rancho Park Golf Course is an 18-hole, par 71 championship course playing at 6,630 yards, designed by William Johnson and William P. Bell. Rancho Park opened with the 1949 U.S.G.A. Public Links Championship and has been host to eighteen Los Angeles Opens as well as numerous LPGA and Senior tour events between 1978 and 1994. The golf course is a challenging and undulating course requiring a great deal of skill. A variety of lies provide a challenge, especially on approach shots to smallish greens.

Contact Information

Starter: (310) 838-7373
FAX Number: (310) 202-4529
Coffee Shop: (310) 839-7750
10460 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Region: Pacific
District: Pacific
Council District: 5
Neighborhood Service Area: West L. A.

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Rancho Park Golf Map
Rancho Park Golf Map



  • Clubhouse
  • Lighted Driving Range
  • Practice Putting Greens
  • Rental Clubs
  • Cart Rental
  • Coffee Shop: (310) 839-7750
  • Banquet Room
  • Snack Bar
  • Locker Rooms: Men's and ladies' locker rooms
  • Lessons
  • Back Nine Play (Valid only for first hour of daylight)

Local Rules

  1. Out of Bounds - Defined by inside posts at ground level of white boundary stakes, fence posts, exterior wall of the maintenance yard left of hole #6, the fencing around the storage areas on holes #15 and #17, the fence around the driving range and small nursery fence on the left of #18 fairway.
    NOTE: Cement or concrete supporting the posts of O.B. fence is not an obstruction. It is considered part of the fence and the ball may be played as it lies or take relief with one stroke penalty.
  2. Protective Fences - When these fences interfere with your stance or swing, you may take a free drop within one club length of the nearest point of relief. No line of sight relief allowed.
    NOTE: There are three: one to the left and one to the right of the #1 fairway and one on the #4 tee.
  3. Lateral Water Hazard - Defined by red stakes and/or red paint located near the drainage ditch on the left of #17 fairway approaching the left green. Red stakes may not be removed. No relief without penalty.
  4. Immovable Obstructions - Includes drainage swales, all roads and paths including sides, whether or not artificially surfaced and any flower beds contiguous to any cart paths. Other immovable obstructions include the protective fences behind the #4 green and tee box, snack shop, benches, sprinkler heads, drinking fountains, irrigation control boxes, the fence to the right of #14 fairway as well as the wood pilings on #16's right green.
  5. Wrong Putting Green/Apron, Tee Box and Flower Beds - if a ball comes to rest on a temporary/alternate putting green/apron or a defined tee box, other than that of the hole being played, or if a player's stance or swing is interfered with by the flower bed, the ball MUST be lifted and dropped without penalty within one club length from the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole.
  6. Protection of Young Trees - These trees are identified by a blue stake or ribbon. If such a tree interferes with a player's stance or area of his/her intended swing, the ball MUST be lifted, without penalty, one club length from nearest point of relief.
  7. Embedded Ball - Anywhere "through the green", a ball which is embedded in its own pitch mark in the ground, except in loose sand, may be lifted without penalty, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to the spot where it laid not nearer the hole.
  8. Special Drop Area to the Left of #13 Green - When the nearest point of relief from the cart path is the steep slope left of this path, relief may be taken within one club length from the nearest point of relief at the crest of the slope.
  9. Yardage Markers - All 200, 150, and 100 yard markers (posts) may be removed. The base of these posts is considered part of the course. If the ball should come to rest near these bases, no drop without penalty is allowed.
  10. Ground Under Repair - "GUR" is any portion of course designated by its authorized representatives. "GUR" includes material piled for removal even if not so marked. When "GUR" is designated by white paint on the ground or when an area on the course is ROPED OFF and designated "GUR", through the green, the player MUST take relief outside the area, without penalty, and drop the ball one club length from the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole.
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